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First Time eLearningspace users


If this is your first time at eLearningspace, you’ll need to download and install three things onto your computer to help you learn (and earn) as much as you can.

  1. eLearningTracker
    turns your learning time into Time Dollars as soon as you evaluate what you’ve been learning, by playing The Rating Game. To make sure you’ll be earning while learning. Download eLearning Tracker now. *Please be patient! As soon as this download is completed you will be able to earn Time Dollars. Download time will take from 8 to 12 minutes.
  2. Atomica
    enables you to define words, by clicking on any word you don’t understand. Never again let a word you don’t understand keep you from learning. Download Atomica now.
  3. World Lingo
    enables you to translate and define any word or page you don’t understand into a language that might be easier for you than English.  Download World Lingo now.
  4. AOL Instant Messenger
    If you are not already using AOL Instant Messaging, please download it now. You will need to have it available, whenever you want help from an on-line mentor at eLearningspace. Download AOL Instant Messenger now.
  5. Ad Blocker
    Provents pop up ads from getting in your way while “learning and earning”.
    Click here to download now.
  6. Now that you’ve downloaded what you need, you can start learning and earning.